Liberal Ad Hominem: "Cate's" Comment

An idiot decided to post the following comment here. Since there isn't so much as a single valid statement in the entire post, I have decided to put it here and then rip it to shreds.

Harper Wants to Take Away Rights
Notice the title of the comment.
Take away "rights".
Hmm. Nothing good can come of this.

Engulfed within the Conservative election platform is the promise that the Conservative government plans to remove the rights of prisoners to vote. It happens to fall under their "Stand Up For Security" heading.
Prisoner's should not be voting, as far as I am concerned. They lose their rights when they commit a crime. That's what being in prison is. I am sure there are people out there who disagree with that opinion, but that doesn't make me (or Harper) wrong.

Considering that Harper wantes to remove the right of women to have an abortion, same-sex couples to choose whether or not to get married, this comes as no shock. What the Conservative agenda stands for is removal of choice from persona who are already oppressed. I would't be surprized if he had the decision to include women definition of 'person' appealed on the grounds that they just shouldn't have to worry about silly little things like voting, opening bank accounts, chosing whether or not to wear pants, working outside the home, feeding their children or learning to read and write. Perhaps he'll start stoning women who get raped or have children out of wedlock.
As a woman, I am profoundly shocked and disturbed by the overwhelming stupidity of this paragraph. Not only is the first phrase false (Harper has clearly stated the Conservatives will not be pursuing abortion should they win) everything else is based on a paranoia and superstition.
Repealing a woman's right to vote?
Removing her from the definition of person?
Pants or not pants?
What planet are you living on?
What's more, do you honestly believe that a highly educated woman such as myself would ever vote for a party that would take away my ability to have a bank account? I look after the budget in our house. I am appalled at the lack of thought put into this argument. You are a disgrace to the empowered, thinking woman. You did not read anything in the Conservative party platform!
What's more, the Liberals are by far the most anti-woman party out there. They wish to regulate, decriminalize and legitimize prostitution. It is a part of their party policy and if you don't believe me, go and read it for yourself. Prostitution is arguably the most demeaning, violent line of work for a woman to be in. What's more, Human Resources and Development Canada was caught, under the Liberals no less, procuring strippers and prostitutes for the mob. Women were being imported from foreign countries and forced into what was no less than sexual slavery. If you are so concerned about women's rights, you should be looking into this little issue my dear, instead of unleashing your pathetic and uninformed venom on my blog.
As far as the "right " to "choose" to get married, I hate to break it to you "Cate," choice in marriage is not a right. That's why arranged marriages are not only legal in this country, but they also happen.
Or maybe you would like to remove the right of Hindu's to carry on their traditions?

What makes me laugh is that crime has risen in Canada as a result of Conservative funding cuts to social services. What makes me laugh even harder is that he figures that every person receiving income support is lazy and does not want to work. He neglects to take into account that women have not got equal access to the workforce, make $0.75 to every dollar that a man makes, and that many people receiving income support are not physically or mentally capable of holding a job.
Again we see not a single statement of fact.
And, if you are so serious about this, why are you laughing?
This "belief" is nowhere in the Conservative platform. Mr. Harper has never expressed this view regarding income support.
I categorically REJECT your notion that women do not have equal access to the workforce. They do have it. Whiners like yourself want to have everything handed to them on a silver platter like they are some sort of pampered princess.
You wanna make it in a man's world honey?
Then suck it up and do better work.
I never had any trouble.

What also makes me laugh is that he is a Christian. Now, is it not a tenement of Christian values to love your neighbour? I guess the only neighbours that count to Stephen Harper are the rich ones that are already privileged. What he doesn't get is that we are all people and none of us should have to be relegated into poverty and starvation. I like the fact that I can vote and run for political office. I like the fact that inmates can vote. I like the fact that my tax dollars go towards helping those who are not able to work for whatever reason. I would like to see more of my tax dollars paying parents for the work they do at home--money they have rightfully earned through their work that contributes to our economy.
More laughing.
We also have the time-honoured superstition that the Conservatives are the party of the rich. Clearly this explains why Paul Martin has a personal worth in excess of $225million dollars. A guy this rich can obviously identify with the poor. As far as being relegated into poverty and starvation goes, maybe you should talk to Paul and his cronies about that.
I mean, have you bothered to read up on where billions of tax payer dollars went this year? Or that criminals are getting energy rebates? Not to mention dead people.
The comment on tax payer dollars going to people for the work they do at home just kills me. What do you think the child care allowance is for? And do you think that when the Liberals dipped in to the EI fund they were at all concerned about the out of work poor?

Don't even pretend you understand Christian love. There isn't a drop of it in your shriveled, black heart.


Anonymous said...

This is Liberal comment spam - see political staples.

Anonymous said...

This has to be coming from some Liberal strategist here in Ottawa. In a lame attempt to change soft votes in the dying hours of the election

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,
I think that I'm in love with you or maybe it's that I've just read the writing of the next PM.

Well said

Pat Patrick
Powell River, BC

Ruth said...

Go with the second. Not only am I married, I'll be Canada's Iron Lady.

Ruth for PM!

Wonder Woman said...

Well, I'm not in love with you, but I sure think you're swell ;)

And besides, "Cate" is clearly not a woman...she's a girl. Just a pathetic, whiny little girl.

Fred said...

Cate's refrain

I'm a victim, I'm a victim, I'm a victim, its not right

Its not my fault I'm a loser, it's lack of opportunity in society that keeps me down and out

The government must give me more money, pay for more programs and give me more, more more

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