Letter Campaign to the National Post

I have decided to write a letter, expressing my outrage. Every BT member needs to do the same. That article was completely irresponsible and biased.
When I've finished writing, I'll post it here.


shane said...

...which will not be received by post until after the election.

I just checked th National Post website - email submission of letters to the editor is conveniently broken.


So no way to give them feedback on this short of a phone call. Nice.

I'd start talking about a conspiracy - that Blogging Tories already show a penchant for being unafraid of taking a keyboard to the elites - if they are going to call us all a mass conspiracy to contravene Elections Canada law, they had better turn off their feedback systems or be blasted.

Ruth said...

Not true Shane. You just have to dig.
Send it to feedback@canada.com

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