It Never Rains, but it Pours

Not that they deserve one, but the Liberals just can't seem to get a break in this election campaign.
Not only are the Tories now surging ahead according to the latest Strategic Counsel poll, but Harper is now the frontrunner heading into tonight's debate. Worse still, today marked the sneak preview of Les secrets d'Option Canada, a book about yet another Liberal Party scandal. The book is scheduled to be released this Wednesday. Given the speculation surrounding the to-be-released results of the EKOS poll and the emails regarding Liberal tactics provided by the now-infamous Liberal mole, the book's release is sure to bring another slide in public opinion of the Liberals.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

While the Liberals deserve all they get I just cant help but think that Chretien hasnt got something to do with the recent Liberal problems. Is is a coincidence that a book is to be released this wekk that will further damage the Liberals? IMHO Mr Martin is quite possibly the worst leader the Liberals have ever had - and there have been some pretty bad ones in the past!

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