The Impending Liberal Leadership Race

Who will be the next leader of the Liberal Party, that is the million dollar question. Canada.com suggests that Frank McKenna is a likely candidate, should he be fired fromhis position as ambassador to the US. They also suggest John Manley, Brian Tobin, Maurizio Bevilacqua and Michael Ignatieff. I couldn't help but notice who they were missing.
Incredibly, CTV dubs her a "surprise candidate." That's right, I am referring to the divine Ms. Stronach.
How can they have missed it? The Globe didn't. They also suggest Scott Brison and Joe Volpe as possible candidates.
But surprise candidate?
Surely you jest.
This woman craves power.
I don't know if she will win, but I am certain she will at least be in the running. If I am wrong, I'll eat my hat. ;-)

Think of it.
Belinda Stronach: leader of the Official Opposition, leader of the Liberal Party.
What a feather in her cap that would be. Next stop: Prime Minister.


Shabbadoo said...

I Really, Really hope that they pick her as leader.

That way, the Libs will almost certainly tank.

Ruth said...

Don't bet on it.
There is a deviousness to that woman that I do NOT like. She will style herself as the champion of women's causes, a potential power for women across Canada.
I mean, I fully expected her to lose her seat, and she didn't.

Toronto Tory said...

I hope they pick Belinda. She's sure to screw up under the pressure of a debate.

She is so unintelligent - and before I hear the sexist cries - her stupidity has nothing to do with her gender.

VW said...

As the actual leader? Probably not.

As the interim leader? I think a case can be made for that, but just barely.

You need a sitting MP for interim leader, and one who can negotiate well on behalf of the Liberals when it comes to budget time. That should be right up Stronach's alley.

It would also be an opportunity for the surviving party brass to see how she'll do in a leadership role without making a full commitment. If she blows it, then everyone will know she can't be PM.

Volpe, of course, would be a better choice; more time in Parliament plus he's been pretty versatile in cabinet.

Christian Conservative said...

Alright everyone... go out and buy Liberal memberships NOW so we can vote for Belinda as leader... LOL (If I didn't just renew my Tory membership, I might just...)

Mark in Bowmanville said...

Potential Libreal leaders? McKenna would actually be a challenge for the Tories, but I doubt he will win. Stronach will try, but as we all know, she is an empty vessel, and believe me, their is little trust or love for her in the Libreal party. The way she joined them was a victory for them, but after that, she was forgotten and ignored by the rank and file.

No, the serious candidates would be: Brian Tobin if he decides to try again, John Manley ( he might try to outbland Harper ) and Frank McKenna. Stronach would be a speed bump for most of these guys but her money will keep her in the race for a while. Eventually though, you have to have accomplished something, because the Libs hate losing.

Anonymous said...

BS must have a hidden agenda!!!!

Peter Thurley said...

BS stands very little chance of being the next leader. Is there honour among theives? While the Liberals welcomed her crossing the floor last May, they will still keep that in mind. Political defection is still political defection and in my mind, no intelligent person would elect a traitor to lead their party to victory. Especially not a blonde bimbo who has more money than most Canadians could ever dream of having. She simply has no connection to the Canadian public at all. I too am surprised she won her riding with such a lead.

To my mind, the best candidates for leadership of the Liberal party are Ignatieff, Tobin and McKenna. Who knows what might happen, but Ignatieff is styled like Trudeau. What the Liberals need is a charasmatic, intelligent and thoughtful leader who will give some grounding to an ideologically baseless party. He is my early favourite for the job, and, perhaps in a couple of years from now, the next Prime Minister.

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