Harper's New Government

The new Conservative government will be installed on February 6th. There has been much discussion as to who will make the new cabinet. Some speculate that, in an effort to woo Quebec, Harper will choose Lawrence Cannon and not Peter MacKay as his Deputy Prime Minister. I feel unsuited to the task of predicting who will make cabinet and who won't, but I have to be honest: I think it unlikely that Harper will slight MacKay in an effort to pander to Quebec.
The government's first task will be the new budget. The budget is expected to be introduced as early as March and is expected to include the widely popular GST cut. It is uncertain whether or not this budget will include the tax credit for families with children. I hope that it does.

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Anonymous said...

I think Harper is likely to pick Cannon over MacKay, but:

1) I think MacKay and Harper have been aware of this potential for some time.

2) MacKay will be given a position like Minister of Justice and Public Security, which actually has a higher profile and more responsibility.

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