Harper: Trekkie

H/T: Jesse.
Stephen Harper's cool factor just went up.
He likes Star Trek.

Edit: See, this is why the Conservatives need to use this as a counter-attack ad. Also, I just have to ask. This summer, when you went through all that stupid personality makeover that did nothing, why didn't you mention that you liked Star Trek? It would have been a lot easier, not to mention more successful.


Jesse Gritter Online said...

When Harper did that bbq makeover tour, I heard they sold 60,000 memberships.

Wonder how many more (or less) they would have sold if people knew he was a Trekkie?

Anonymous said...

All that's needed now is for William Shatner to publicly endorse SH. Unfortunately I suspect Bill is a Liberal. After all, he commanded a starship in the United Federation of Planets. Sounds like a commie syndicate to me.

Jon said...

We need to make him do some impersonations. Talk about giving a guy personality. I think Canadians would love it. Imagine a Prime Minister with good clean fun!

Mark said...

I think Harper resembles more of a Vulcan, fairly emotionless but the anger gets the best of him time to time. :)

Ruth said...

A William Shatner endorsement! Yes!! That would be awesome!
"Beam me up, Stephen."

Les Mackenzie said...

You're all geeks - now where is my lightsaber?

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