Harper Bashing & the Liberal Attack Ads

Instead of releasing even a single fresh idea, the Liberals have resorted to their favorite sport: bashing Harper. I could only find the coverage of this on CTV. As far as I can tell, the ads are only being hosted in the media section of the Liberal Party website. I have not seen any of these ads on TV yet, but I am sure I will have the misfortune of seeing one soon.
CTV notes that:
Perhaps the most far-flung of the ads suggests conservative U.S. donors played a key role in Harper's career.
I love the use of the word far-flung. It goes to show that the media is not so Liberal-loving that they'll accept this mind-boggling stupidity. The text of all the Liberal ads can be found at David Akin's blog. Be sure to read them. Ads 6,7 and 11 are my favorite.
We did not make this up... No we did not make that up. We're not allowed to make stuff up...Get a load of this... We're not kidding. He actually said that.
Why point out that you aren't making this stuff up? Unless...
One of the ads however, suggesting Harper would put military personnel in Canadian cities, was later pulled, with the Liberal Party saying the ad had been circulated in error.
Military personnel in Canadian cities?
They put this in a campaign ad?
What did the ad suggest? That Harper would institute martial law in order to combat crime? I'd like to point out the Liberal response when asked about the pulled ad. It can be found on on Rosmary Thompson's blog:
When CTV called the Liberal war room to find out why it attacked one moment, and then retreated soon after, here was the answer,"The ad was circulated in error. All campaigns develop ads that they may decide never to use. Our policy is to post and circulate tape for ads that we have decided to air. That was not the case for the ad in question."
Garbage answers like this only serve to alienate anyone with a brain. Obnoxious behaviour, such as the slander presented in the military ad, do the same.
By the way, I'd like to remind everyone what our good Prime Minister said last night in the debate.
Paul Martin: Well, of course personal attacks are not constructive... Now, I do not believe there should be personal attacks. I think what we should be able to do here is discuss, in fact, the fundamental issues facing Canadians, whether it be the economy, the protection of our social programs, and that's I think what people want to have happen today.
I wonder if he stands by his comment?


Anonymous said...

Check out Proud to be Canadian. There is a entry about Liberal stratigest John Duffy intimidating CTV anchor Mike Duffy!

Jason Monteith said...

Pretty hard to stand by your comment when you're making stuff up as you go along and pulling stuff out of your, uh, posterior.

I swear, a 5-year old could manage the Liberal campaign better than these guys are doing it.

Martin is so desperate he is saying anything he thinks will keep him power... the problem of course is these inconsistencies, flip-flops and lies catch up to you in time, and he's finding out now how painful it is when the chickens come home to roost.

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