The Government: Tuesday and Beyond

Given that after Monday I will no longer be able to complain about Liberal corruption, I have started thinking about what I will write about.
Tuesday will bring a discussion of the election results. This will be especially true if I am wrong and the Conservatives don't win. Beyond that, I think I will continue to follow politics as I have been doing. I'll be keeping an eye out for various important bits of legislation, election promise fulfillment, and in particular, any new law that I think is a bad idea.
I also plan to give some thought to possible changes to the prostitution laws in this country. There needs to be a way to get women off the streets. In light of the revelation last year that some women coming to this country were being forced to sell themselves, I think the laws are badly in need of changing.
It is my hope that a Conservative government will bring the kind of change our country needs. One thing is certain, if they win, they cannot screw up. In order to effect the kind of dramatic change we need, the Conservatives need to get at least two full terms in office in a row. If things go poorly and we have an election in less than two years from now, not only will the Conservatives will not be voted in again, the Liberals will not have had sufficient time to get their act together. We would see more of the same bad behaviour.

Has anyone stopped to wonder what the CBC is going to do? (Besides design new logos.)


Shane said...

I'll be focusing more on faith issues, bringing attention to international crises and persecution, and perhaps keeping an eye on media bias.

Oh, I'll still be watching politics, but probably not as closely as before. Internationally speaking, the movement towards ghettoizing and persecuting Christianity is growing, and I plan to document it.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if the liberals will be ready to go in 2 years. If the accountability act includes more restrictions on corporate financing to parties, do you think the liberals can really overcome their debt situation and effectively run a campagin?
(not that i've ever actually seen the LPC's books, but everyone says they're nearly broke)

Ruth said...

They certainly will not be ready to go in anything less than 2 years. I'm not thinking so much about their debt, although that certainly is an issue, but more about their current moral bankruptcy. They need to weed out a lot of the power-mongers in their party, and this will take some time.

Anonymous said...

Well, i think moral bankruptcy was a given. But seriously, i dont know much about fund raising, but i've heard they're in debt to the tune of ~34 million. Which is what? around twice what you can spend in an election? Doesn't this put them on the verge of bankruptcy? And for that matter, what happens if a party actually has to declare bankruptcy?

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