Friday Before the Election

Only the weekend stands in our way.
However, latest polling results show that Conservative support has dipped slightly. They now hold only a 9 point lead over the Liberals, instead of an 18 point lead. Martin is touting it as the great Liberal comeback. I consider this brave, in light of the fact he is in danger of losing his seat.
Still, something troubles me.
Prime Minister Paul Martin boldly predicted a Liberal victory in Monday's election while warning the alternative would be a Conservative government shifting Canada towards extreme right-wing U.S.-influenced ideology. "Never have we seen a major political party with such as conservative agenda as this one," Martin said in Toronto, portraying Tory Leader Stephen Harper as an enemy of the courts who sees judges as preventing him from attaining absolute power.
I heard about Martin's victory speech yesterday on the radio. What makes him so confident? Is it bravery in the face of imminent defeat, or something else? The idea of a Liberal victory is disturbing, to say the least. Their corruption would only increase. What will the average Canadian do?
The anti-American tactics preferred by the Liberals are also disturbing. This will only serve to alienate us from our nearest neighbour. There are so many reasons not to take this route during a campaign, not the least of which is the fact that we don't have enough of an army to defend ourselves and we have had to rely on the Americans during many of our peace-keeping missions.
It will be interesting to see what Monday brings. Although I hope for a Conservative majority, I confess, that possibility is looking less and less likely.


Shane said...

Never seen so right wing a platform?

Let's see
- reduce/eliminate the GST - Liberal, '93
- no gay marriage - Liberal, '00
- new deal for provinces - Liberal, '04
- respect for the Military - Liberal, '04
- accountability - Liberal, '93
- corporate tax cuts - Liberal, '93, '98, '00, '04
- protect public health care - Liberal, '04

Am I missing any?

Rob said...

I think the liberal turns are on the liberal candidates that have now dumped the
Paul Martin's Liberals signs and not attaching themselves to the party.
Maybe we will see a new party the "Independant Liberal Party"

Outside of TO the grits are still falling.

drvsvs said...

Don't worry about the Americans, they will continue to help us if we need it, they are too honorable not to, unlike these liberal hucksters who take any opportunity to slag them.

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