Five Weird Things

Mark tagged me. Although I will list the requisite five things, I will not be tagging others, as chain blogging is as bad as chain emails.

Thing 1: I hate cucumbers, but love dill pickles.
Thing 2: I hold the record for the longest MSc defense in Computer Science at McMaster. The average MSc defense lasts about an hour, maybe less, with 20 minutes of talking time for the student, 20 minutes of questions from the examiners and audience and 20 minutes of deliberations. My defense lasted well over 3 hours. I only spoke for the requisite 20 minutes and then faces 2 1/2 hours of question and a half hour to 40 minutes of deliberations. Best of luck to whoever beats this record in the future. I would not want to be you.
Thing 3: As I child, I was afraid of flies and thunderstorms.
Thing 4: Although I have been tipsy to the point of talking too much, I have never in my life been flat out drunk. This is because my personal rule is to never have more than two drinks of anything in one sitting.
Thing 5: War or no war, if I could go anywhere in the world, it would be Israel.


Shane said...

You're not very wierd at all. You don't count. ;)

Ruth said...

It's not that I'm not weird. I'm just not that creative about stuff like this... without divulging too much information about stretch marks that people just do not want to have.
I suppose I could have said that I occaisionally talk in my sleep.

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