Emperor Martin

Courtesy my husband:
Awww! My Death Star


Paul MacPhail said...

This may sound funny, but if you look at PM PM side on, he does look like Ian Mcdermid in Revenge of The Sith.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Palpatine is more honest then our beloved Mr. Dithers.

Anonymous said...

Remember it was the power of the Dark Side that brought Belinda over. By the way

Gilles Duceppe Impotent?
It’s Paul Martin who
Can’t get his poll up!

Shane said...

You know I was just commenting to my wife, I can see him saying, "Rise... Lord Stronach..."

Jesse Gritter Online said...

Much to learn, the emperor has.

May the force be with you.


AlbertanFromBC said...

Hey can I get a bigger version of that pic?

That would make a great T-shirt, and I have some iron-on-transfer paper left!


Ruth said...

Yes you may.
Please email me (rootles at gmail dot com) and I will send it to you. Let me know what size you need. I or my husband may have to clean it up a bit when it's enlarged.

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