Election Results

The next sitting of Parliament will look like:
Conservatives: 124 seats
Liberals: 103 seats
Bloc Quebecois: 51 seats
NDP: 29 seats
Independent: 1 seat
Voter turnout was barely up. A mere 64.9% of the Canadian voting population bothered to vote. Of all things, this is the most disappointing. It goes to show you just how little people actually care about this country. I have been hoping for sometime that this is the one area where blogging may have had an effect; it would seem that I have been wrong.
Given the percentages of popular vote in this election, it seems clear to me that we need some form of electoral reform. It is unthinkable that the Bloc, who had only about 10% of the popular vote should have almost double the number of seats that the NDP had, and they garnered 17% of the vote.
These next few weeks and months will no doubt be interesting. They will provide plenty of blogging material, and I expect it to be good for traffic. With such a thin minority, one can't help but wonder how the Conservatives will manage to make it. I fully expect to see the Liberals full on the attack. Their desire for power will not die, that much is certain. Mike Duffy's source last night was clearly wrong. Paul Martin not only conceded defeat, he stepped down as leader of the Liberal Party. Happily, he isn't that desperate for power. It will be interesting to see who becomes the next leader. I expect to see Ms. Stronach in the running for his position.
What do I predict for the next Parliament? I doubt very much whether or not gay marriage will be revisited. The Tories simply do not have the numbers they need. Electoral reform could be on the menu though, as could fixed election dates and fixed opposition dates. I would like to see modification to the prostitution laws, but given that it wasn't an election issue at all, it's unlikely this will happen. A tax break would be nice, and hopefully I do see my $1,200. As for anything else, I had better keep my predictions to a minimum.
After all, I was hoping for a majority.

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