The Debate: A Few Preliminary Thoughts

Before I begin, a complete transcript of last night's debate can be found here.

Paul Martin's opening statement consisted of nothing but an attack on Harper. He did not present a single fresh idea, and there was not one mention of what the Liberal Party would do in re-elected. Contrast this with Harper. His opening statement focused only on what the Conservatives would do for Canada. He did not mention the Liberals once. In hindsight, these opening statements were a good indication of just how the evening would flow. Martin spent the night swinging at Harper like a vicious animal in its final death throes, and Harper spent the evening not sinking to his level.
It does not surprise me that this poll at Canada.com found Harper to be the winner. I could not find any other comments on the debate results, so if anyone has some, send them along.
Much like the 2004 debate, Jack Layton was a walking commercial for the NDP. Everything he said was a segue punctuated by hand gestures, telling people that there is a "Third Way," a "Third Option for Working Families." Vote NDP.
Yeah. We know Jack.
Duceppe was not as good as I thought he was in the 2004 debate. He didn't have as much of an edge, and I like edginess in a debate. I suspect that this may have had something to do with the format. Still, the best question and answer of the evening was:
Steve Paikin: Mr. Duceppe, do you care which of these men is Prime Minister after this election?
Gilles Duceppe: No...

Man, did I laugh!

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