Crooks of a Feather...

Honestly, are you surprised to hear that criminals don't vote Conservative? It's only too bad that the article doesn't mention who criminals are most likely to vote for.
Bet you can't guess who I'm putting my money on.
Prisoners fear the Tories want to make life in prison harsher by taking away comforts such as televisions and stereos, he says.
Aww. Poor baby.
Whiners like this need to spend time in prison in a country like China or Saudi Arabia.
Notice the response of the corrections officer.
Robby Nowicki, Edmonton Institution's chief administrator, says everything went smoothly during the 2004 election, with 65 of 238 eligible prisoners casting ballots... While she hopes the voting process helps inmates, Nowicki said she doesn't support it personally. "It is one of our basic rights," says the 27-year corrections veteran. "I feel we should have to earn it."
I could not agree more.
The issue of prisoner voting rights has bounced around in the courts since 1993, when the Progressive Conservative government amended the Canada Elections Act. The law, which banned inmates serving terms of two years or more from voting, was struck down in 1995 by the Federal Court. Then in 1999, it was upheld in the Federal Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court struck that decision down in 2002.
The Liberals and NDP say they can live with the high court's decision.

Given that most criminals don't vote Conservative, it is not surprising that the two remaining major parties like the ruling. What are they going to say? Oh please, don't give us an advantage?
A history of the right to vote in Canada can be found here.

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Les Mackenzie said...

I love it - I may just write about this at a later date ;)

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