Criminal Voters: The Fine Print

I noticed this image at Stephen Taylor's blog. Click on it, and read the very fine print.

Now, consider the irony.
"We're all voting Liberal because we all want to keep our vote, we don't want to lose other rights, like maybe they (the Conservatives) are going to come in and we're going to start losing our TVs other stuff like that."
This guy, Jeff Power, is serving 6 1/2 years in prison for drug traficking and robbery.
And he's worried about what?
Losing his TV.


Jesse Gritter Online said...

Criminalspeak: "Other people's things don't belong to me, but other people's things do belong to me."

Anonymous said...

What is the prison population of Kingston? I ask this question as I look at the riding by riding data compiled by democraticspace.com - the Kingston area is the only riding they are ahead in all of eastern Ontario...

Anonymous said...

I went to Queen's University for my degree in economics. The prison population isn't that much - the student population is far greater for example. The reason the Liberals are still ahead there is simple - the Liberal candidate is the well-respected Speaker of the House, Peter Milliken. Kingston residents know that and know that their man will probably continue to be Speaker and that he has absolutely nothing to do with all the scandals. That and a lot of Queen's students come from Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto...

Anonymous said...

I love it. The criminals are worried about losing their TVs. That would be a violation of their rights. I wonder if this particular criminal
thought that maybe, just maybe, HE was violating someone's rights when he stole their property? Perhaps if he did, he wouldn't be serving
6.5 years.

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