Christians in Office

Conservative MP Chuck Strahl has an excellent post on Christians in office, particularly Conservative Christians.
...a journalistic genuis who was offering analysis on Bill Good's radio show was hyperventilating because Cindy is a Christian, and, well, you know how unfit for office they are. When someone pointed out that she attends the same church as Liberal incumbent Don Bell, there was an unhappy moment of silence. Thankfully he remembered that a Conservative Christian is far more worrisome than a Liberal one, and you could almost hear the sigh of relief over THAT. As one contented caller put it, "my son-in-law is a Christian, and I warn you, they never change their spots."
Too bad, cause what we need in politics is people who deny their faith, or better yet, denounce it. At least for their term of office! That way, we could have only athiests in Parliament, and Svend could lead everyone in a round of "Solidarity Forever" instead of an opening prayer.

So true.
And it's too bad there are so many people, whether they admit it or not, that actually feel this way.


Danté said...

You've gotta love bigots.

Ruth said...

It's a sad fact of our society that Christians are often the target of unwarranted bigotry. The guest on this radio show is a perfect example.
And yet, if you were to ask him about his biased opinions, it is certan that he wouldn't know hwat you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

No one ever says how the Rev. Bill Blaikie is "scary,"

Jonathan said...

I wonder why those people feel that way. They're usually the ones who advocate tolerance and speak out against stereotyping groups.

What they do is effective though. Christians don't really know what to do about it.

drvsvs said...

Bill Blakie is scary he's NDP isn't he? They are all scary.

Liberal tolerance is only for those that agree with them. If you don't your a fundamentalist or an extremist. Some tolerance.

hancor said...

Of course by "Liberal tolerance" we mean that actual Christians are "scary" and should be thrown to the lions.

Attention: "Lion of Judah" will be visiting your city soon.

Next piece of "maschugge" thinking, roundly disposed of into the ashcan called "hypocrisy".

By what reasoning is it that those who hold bona fide religious beliefs or identity are unfit for public office?

Oh well those people aren't actually part of the community. Yah, right!

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