Canadian Property Rights

When I first saw this, I have to admit I had no idea what Stephen was talking about.
Then I did some digging around and, of course, came upon this piece of lunacy at the Liberal Party website. Take a look at what it says:
Ottawa – Conservative Leader Stephen Harper wants to add property rights to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: "I think there should be property rights protection in our Charter," Mr. Harper said during Tuesday night’s Leaders’ Debate. Can he be serious? Mr. Harper’s radical proposal to include property rights in the Charter could be used to strike down laws that protect workers, children, unions and the environment. Mr. Harper’s proposal is a fundamental change to the Charter. It would necessitate a comprehensive round of constitutional negotiations with the provinces, and require the approval of seven provinces and 50 per cent of the population to be implemented. Mr. Harper’s proposal to "protect" property rights borrows heavily from radical right-wing conservatives today in the United States who want to use the "protection" of property rights to prevent the United States government from regulating. Led by Justice Clarence Thomas, the "Constitution-in-Exile" movement seeks to return the American legal landscape to the Lochner Era of the 1930s, where the Court struck down laws forbidding child labour, setting a minimum wage, establishing workplace safety standards, and promoting unionization, all in the name of "protecting" property rights. This period is widely discredited as one of the greatest mistakes in American legal history.
Let's sum up this long-winded piece of nonsense.
Canadians should not have rights to their own property.
You are free to do anything you want, so long as the government can take your land, money, patents and use them for their own ends.
Because Harper suggested the Charter should protect your right to own property, he must be an American in disguise. Why else would he want you to have the right to the property that you bought and paid for with your own money? He must also support child labour. Isn't it obvious?
As to this lucidrous notion of child labour, all I can say is that the Liberal Party really, REALLY needs to stop talking out of its ass. What do you think? That Canadians are stupid? No one is going to buy this completely insane argument, so stop making up stuff like this.
It's not the truth. In fact, it doesn't look like anything even remotely resembling the truth. It looks like desperation.

Edit: The piece that followed has been moved to different post.


Myrddin Wyllt said...

Dief must have been an American also as in Canada's first and better document of rights ie the bill of rights, had in it Property rights, the Charter of blights and Fiefdoms took that right away from the people.

Daniel said...

I'm sorry I might be ignorant here but, didn't the Statute of Westminster (1931) give all constitutional power to the Provinces? And since the Provinces didn't have any say in the CRF (1982) doesn't that make it null and void...especially since it illegally repeals the exact sections of the statute that a) remove the monarchy (ie GG's position)--section 4 and b)power of the provinces to repeal anything done by the federal parliment --section 7(2)(3)? It is illegal for a body to revoke powers that are not its own, is it not? Its not like I can walk into my boss's office and say "Get out, I'm in charge now..."

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