BT: The So-Called Conservative Initiative

With nary a brain cell among them, the Liberals are parrotting the Post story conveniently forgetting about their own Progressive Bloggers and LibBlogs.
No, wait. It's totally believable. In fact, I should have known this was coming. Anyone want to email the Liberals and ask them how much Progressive Bloggers and LibBlogs are "contributing" to their campaign?


Brian Lemon said...

Looks like a "Eugene Parks" tried to get something going a year or so ago as a party initiative.

That bombed.

So he's trying to make Blogging Tories look like it was his brainchild.

Anybody know who he is?

Obviously not a Conservative since he's launching the complaint. Might be be a Liberal spy?

I doubt we've spent $150 as a group

Canadi-anna said...

Most of the Liberal and Progressive Bloggers are not really all that bright. They hold no sway. The Blogging Tories are causing a stir because they are funny and clever.
I wonder if that says something about the general make up of the parties and their followers.

Christian Conservative said...

I think it's the smear campaign of the bitter because we've found a means to proclaim the truth and hold them to account that's beyond their ability to control. ;-)

I say we call up the Chief Electoral Officer ourselves and let them know what we think about it.

VW said...


Eugene Parks is a former PC member, as is evidenced by his resignation from the Victoria association board:

KristinB said...

I tried to read the said story in this post...but all I got was a picture of Dion and text saying this story could not be found...
Maybe I will try again..it must have been a glitch..

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