Blogging Tories: "Morally Bankrupt"

Get a load of what Robert McClelland has to say on our response to Jamieson and Parks' accusation, and the subsequent pick up by the Liberal Party.
...it would be easy to google up posts on their sites where they've talked about their interaction with the party and Monte Solberg's glowing endorsement of them wouldn't look too good right now in the face of these accusations. This is what the right would do, but from what I've seen, the left too thinks this charge is ridiculous because we have integrity.
Surely you must be joking.
The Liberals are "left," and they haven't a moral bone anywhere in the party. The NDP propped them up fo months, despite their many illegal doings.
No. The left thinks the charge is ridiculous because it was leveled against them. I would like to see how you would have reacted if someone proposed shutting down the Blogging Dippers, LibBlogs, Progressive Bloggers or that bastion of fairness and free speech, Rabble.
This just serves to show how morally bankrupt the right truly is. This issue is nothing more than an interparty squabble yet the right is bound and determined to blame the left for it.
Blame the left?
Gee, McClelland, maybe that's because they deserve the blame. Maybe it's because what they did was wrong.
...to the conservatives that simply doesn't matter since their brains have become so rotted by propaganda...
Hello, Pot? This is kettle...
And if you really want a blog war, bring it my friend. On the intellectual front, we've consistently smoked your hippie rears.


VW said...

I think Robert believes that since the Elections Canada complaint was brought on by former Tories, that Liberals should not be fired on for commenting on it.

And if it were a Liberal blogger -- heck, even if it were Scott Feschuk -- I wouldn't have said anything further.

But no. This was a Liberal Party press release commenting on the matter, meaning it has the air of being official campaign material. As such, it's fair game for commentary. Which is something Robert tends to blind himself on.

ferrethouse said...

He has no class. Never has and never will. Fortunately Scott who runs the Progressive Bloggers has noted how ridiculous these accussations are. In fact the Liberal.ca website that had this story up this morning has even taken it down.

Ruth said...

It's still there.
Now, what I can't see is a link to it from the main party page. Maybe they are trying to hide it?

VW said...

Don't read too much into it being off the main page -- press releases like that always rotate on or off.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever looked at the thinktwice website?? Are you sure that can't be labeled as Hate Propaganda for the Libs?

BBS said...

The link just dropped off because they added other items to the front page. They still have it posted in thier "Fact Check" section. Rather ironic.


Jason Monteith said...

Ruth, if I were you, I wouldn't have even linked to McClelland's site... he's not worth the chance that somebody would click on the link and add to his traffic. Just like ferret said, he has absolutely no class and the less said about him, the better.

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