Bad Parenting

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An article in the Boston Globe tells of a woman who is threatening to sue police and fire officials for defamation of character after she locked her 23 month old son in her car by accident.
Police recordings of the call indicate Silverstein said that if the dispatcher sent police to watch her child, she could go home and get another key. The dispatcher told Silverstein that firefighters would break into the car, but Silverstein said she didn't want her window smashed. "Would you rather your child died?" the dispatcher asked.
Her answer better have been no!
How could she even have thought of her car, when her child was locked inside on a blazing hot day? More to the point, how did she manage to lock her child in the car in the first place? And how long had he been in the car before she realized what she'd done?
Her attorney, Matthew Maddox said Silverstein should not have been arrested after the July 25 incident. Maddox said police and fire officials should take the blame for any delay or difficulties extracting the boy. Thomas Cassone, director of legal affairs, said he will investigate. "It's a serious charge when you're charging the people who respond to save your child who you've locked in the car, that they've basically lied about her," he said. Police and fire officials have said Silverstein did not want firefighters to break the window of her 1999 Audi to extract her son, telling them she would drive to her home to get a spare key.
Blame the cops for saving your kid!
"What this is about is a panicked mother calling 911, then being blamed for an inadequate and failed 911 response," Maddox said. "I think someone early on, within moments of the 911 call, someone arbitrarily decided this would be a classist story about someone worried about an Audi's glass before her son's health. It's outrageous," Maddox said.
Please! This is about a child! If you are worried more about an adult's hurt feelings than you are about potential harm done to a defenseless child, then you have no business being a lawyer.
One thing about this story I noticed: there is no comment from the child's father. I wonder what he has to say on the subject?


Sara said...

you say the child is 23?
how is that a child?

Ruth said...

My bad.
That should have read 23 month old.
That's what you get for typing in frustration and not reading what you type.

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