Ad Parody Contest Submission

Paul Martin actually announced he wants to ban weapons in space.
In space.
In our space.
In Canadian space.
Who is he working for?
What is he hiding?
I did not make this up.
He actually banned space weapons.
On January 23rd, choose your Canada.


Anonymous said...

Troops with guns.
In our cities.
In Canada.
With guns.
In our cities.
Oh, wait, that was Trudeau.
Who brought in the Consitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
A Liberal.
We're not making this up.

Ruth said...

The parody contest rules are here.

Fred said...

Liberal candidate

At my door,

Lips moving, nose growing,

Lying through his teeth.

Brown envelope full of cash

In his pocket

In Canada

I am not making this up

Bam-Bam! said...

If you want to be entered in the contest, you have to post it in the comments on my site, otherwise I might not see them, and then I cannot include them. Sorry about that.

I really like the 'trudeau' one, that one could win if it was entered!

- Paul from www.pomochristian.ca

Ruth said...

I already did post my submissions there. It says Your comment is awaiting moderation.

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