Ad Parody Contest Submission No. 2

Get a load of this.
Paul Martin actually announced he wants to ban the weaponization of space.
That's right.
No weapons in space.
In our space.
Canadian space.
Who is he working for?
Do you know?
I don't.
I did not make this up.
He actually banned space weapons.
Are you comfortable with that?
On January 23rd, choose your Canada.


thots said...

Good one.

Not much talent for the parody, so just a comment. So Martin wants to take all the guns in Canada away, wants to take the power of the elected politicians away and give it to 5 of the 9 supreme court judges and guess who gets to appoint the supreme court judges - the prime minister - him. That is scarey!!!

Who is he working for?

Or is it just that "power" to him is like the "ring" in the Lord of the rings. His "precious" and he is loosing it. Loosing it it more ways than one.

ferrethouse said...

These need to be turned into videos to get any wider exposure. Who are the resident video experts?

Anonymous said...

Paul Martin is Prime Minister of Canada.
He's takes your money as his salary.
He does this just north of America.
George Bush lives in America.
He digs deep into the public purse for his own personal benefit
He bought a $240 Christmas wreath with your money.
Not Stephen Harper's or George Bush's money or Iraq's money or space weapon money.
We're not making this up.

Choose your Canada.

PS. Stephen Harper, George Bush, Iraq, boogeyman, weapons, evil robots, Bible Machine Gun

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