Watching The Former Prime Minister

I am watching the video available at CTV.ca.
Chretien is mad!!
One thing is certain: he is a much more convincing liar than Paul Martin. Both are lying about their innocence to be sure, but Chretien is much better at it. His anger is quite convincing. I suspect he is channeling his rage at being caught with his hand in the cookie jar while his accomplice goes free. He certainly doesn't mince words and he doesn't keep telling people to read the report and have faith in Gomery, as Martin did earlier today.
Chretien's comment on banning party members for life is interesting. He seems unfamiliar with the practice. It would be interesting to read any Canadian political party statutes (Liberal, Conservative, NDP, whatever) to see if such a thing exists. Martin could be banning certain individuals in order to make himself look better and more innocent than he is.
Chretien also vehemently decries Martin's innocence and is now compalining that those individuals "who could have said the nice things about his administration were not invited" to be witnesses. There is also the fact that Martin kept fighting him, as well as the President of the Party "what's-his-name" with regards to certain legislation.
And he brought up the golf balls!!!
If there was anything Gomery should not have said, "small town cheap" was it.


Anonymous said...

Justice Gomery heard 150 witnesses and 179 days of testimony. At the end of it he declared Martin to be "exonerated".

Why won't you accept the report? Were all of the witnesses liars? Giv me a break.

Ruth said...

He heard 172 witnesses over 136 days. Check your facts. Not all of the witnesses agreed that Martin knew nothing. In fact, if you go back and re-read some ofthe testimony, you will find that those who stuck up for Chretien said Martin did know. It's all a matter of who you choose to believe.
Check out the Commission's Website for more facts of the case.

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