Revisiting Old Opinions

The great thing about a blog is that you can look back at old opinions you once had and see how you have or haven't changed.
Back in May of 2004, I wrote a post about political blogging called The Three Faces of Eve. When I wrote it, I had no experience in any political blogging communities. One of my first points was that because money and politics go hand in hand, on of the chief ends of political blogging must be money-related.
After spending some time as a member of the Blogging Tories community, I think I would be inclined adjust this opinion somewhat. Money and politics do go together, but the relationship online may not be what I initially thought it was.
Consider Adscam, Dingwall, Abotech and all the other Liberal gaffes that have recently been discussed in the BT community. They are all high profile scandals involving ridiculous sums of money that may or may not have received "proper" treatment by the media. Many BT members do a very good job of tacking where the money went.
I still consider my second and third points to be correct. The second point, politics inherently have a message targeted at a specific audience, is rather obvious and would be true even if blogs were not being used. With regards to the "great equalizer" that the web was hoped to be, we are still a long way off from that day. However, one can certainly argue that blogs have gone a long way towards increasing the political awareness and involvement of the average citizen.

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