Organized Crime: More Likely than Not

Thursday, Opposiiton Leader Stephen Harper made a comment on Liberal behaviour and organized crime. This has caused no small amount of debate.
However, I have been doing some reading. First, I looked at this article in the Toronto Sun and this comment left by Beryl Wajsman. I also recall hearing about mafia involvment that related somehow to Morselli and Gagliano, but as I can neither recall the link nor have a source, I will leave that alone for now.
I am not one to say whether or not Harper intended his comments the way they were interpreted. It is interesting, as PoliticsWatch points out, that none of the 11 Liberal MPs who participated in the debate that lasted all day in the House challenged the comments. Of course, this could always be due to general stupidity, but in light of the article on the possible hit on Martin, I am not so certain.


Anonymous said...

Gomery did not say organized crime helped the Liberals. Harper is seriously damaging himself with this over the top exaggeration.

Ruth said...

I don't think I mentioned Gomery in my post, did I?

ferrethouse said...

alfonso gagliano's links to the mafia are well established. harper's statements are factual...


Ruth said...

I thought so too. Thanx for the tip.

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