Not Much News

As everyone expected, the NDP motion to call an election in January passed yesterday. The vote was 167 in favour to 129 against. As expected, the Liberals immediately declared they would ignore the motion, and called it a publicity stunt.
"Hello, pot? This is kettle..."
Anyway, the next important vote will be the Liberal ways and means motion, the infamous tax cuts that aren't going to do me any good. Following that there'll be the Conservative non-confidence motion which, barring disaster, is expected to pass easily.
Everyone who follows Canadian politics knows all this of course. Like most people, I really don't have much to add, except to say that I am happy we'll be having an election. I really don't care that the campaign will be over Christmas, as the only thing I'll really pay attention to is the leadership debates. My mind is already made up: I'll be voting Tory (bet that comes as a shock). Campaign commercials really don't have much of an effect on me, except to solidify my already set-in-stone opinion that the Liberals are crooks that must be punished for their crimes.

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