Narrow, Angry People

What a tool! There is nothing good I can say about this man. Time to bash away. There's so much good material from Valeri in this article. How can I resist?
"Canadians call it achievement," Valeri said.
You mean "Canadians living in Ottawa that are members of the Liberal party call it acheivement. Regular guys know they're screwed. But they're our peons, so we don't care."
"We will work to make the best country in the world even better. The world . . . has seen the meaning of hope, and it's Canada."
The meaning of hope?
Hope for what?
Taxes that I can't afford? Hope for members of the mafia to rise to political power? Hope for the day when the hard working will support the lazy? Hope for Dingwall's entitlements?
"The world has seen the future and it's Canada."
The world immediately shut its eyes in terror, had a smoke and then begged the States for help.
"We will not let it be turned backward..."
Indeed. We will march inevitably over the precipice and plunge head long into chaos, becoming the first third world country in North America.
"...In the name of some right-wing ideology put forward by narrow, angry people.
Angry? Yes.
Narrow? Well, I admit, I've got skinny hips but really now...


Les Mackenzie said...

I heard Valeri's rant on the radio as I was driving home. He personifies the term asshole. I just hope whatever riding he crawled out of votes green next time.

Speaking of "angry" he tied with Joe Volpe on "The Liberal I want to punch in the face" scale.

Jesse Gritter said...

I hope that Valeri is remembered for perpetuity as the man who mocked the democratic process by messing around with the opposition days for politically partisan reasons.

Ruth said...

Tell me about it.
We really need fixed election and opposition days

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