Layton: Opportunist?

NDP Leader Jack Layton is waiting for an answer from the Liberal Party. Depending on how they respond to his demands on health care, the NDP may or may not continue to support the government.
Given that he will not be meeting with the PM (who has gone to Argentina) but will only be receiving a letter from Health Minister Dosanjh, I can't help but wonder if Layton is pushing the envelope farther than he should. At this point, it seems unlikely that the Liberals will cave in to his demands. It is far more likely that they will call the combined bluff of the Opposition Leaders, daring them to trigger an eleciton over the Christmas Holidays.


Anonymous said...

The only guy who is not an oppurtunist is Harper. But it is not by choice. Harper is too incompetent and out of touch to see an opportunity let alone seize it.

Les Mackenzie said...

this anonymous guy really gets around... I think new BT policy should include deleting anonymous comments as the cowardly spam they are.

BTW, if they put a mirror on Laytons desk he'd never have to leave his office. He's a total opportunist - anything to hold the spotlight.

Peter Thurley said...

The anonymous guy makes a point.

I like Layton's opportunism. If you ask me, I think he is the best of the politicians these days. Ruth, you might be right, maybe he is pushing the envelope too far. But when you have quietly become the most successful, the most competent and the most efficient leader of a federal party, knowing that you have no opportunity to win a majority government in a federal election, you do what you can to get your ideals and points across.

Think about it. In the spring term we got an NDP budget with NDP priorities taking centre stage. You and I agree that Martin's promises mean nothing - Layton would be foolish to take the budget and concessions made in the spring term and just leave it be. He needs to push the PM for action. While Desjardais is no longer a member of the NDP party and sits as an independant, she has indicated she will vote with the NDP on all issues. The NDP still holds the balance of votes to keep the Liberals in power.

It is in the best interest of the NDP to push the Liberals for action. They have never had it so good before. They likely won't have it as good again, unless the Conservatives and Bloc send out country to an election right now, in which case it would appear that we will, once again, have another minority government, much like the one we currently have.

Perhaps Layton is an opportunist. But he is the only politician who is currently accomplishing something for his ideals, his party and for Canadians. I think it is kind of ironic that the NDP has become The Little Party That Could and yet gets no recognition for it.

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