Jack Layton's Campaign Speech

In a speech delivered to the Empire Club this afternoon, NDP LEader Jack Layton has called the Liberal Party's response to health care "unacceptable." The complete transcript can be found here.
Notice the tone of his speech. Layton puts the onus on the Liberals by declaring his own actions as being "unfortunate" and "reluctant." To be frank, I find his presentation manipulative, servile and spineless. He denounces their corruption but expresses regret at not being able to move forward with them to "make Parliament work." The thought of an election, in which his party could only do better, seems almost loathesome.
I would not, on the basis of this speech (personal political beliefs aside), vote for a party that presented itself in this way. It has no strength, no intestinal fortitude, and that is something every party must have if it is to do well.


Canadi-anna said...

Layton is a cretin, but I don't think his party will do better next time around.
I think a lot of people see through his patter and the NDP's base can only be so large.
His loyalists will stay on, but he won't draw from dissatisfied Liberals like he might have had the election been last spring.

MAW said...

No doubt Jack's the man of the hour all right, but that’s about it.

But for all the wrong reasons.

All that extra wonky social spending he extorted from the corrupt Liberal government, like some modern day 'Al Capone' girlie man, was all for naught.

Not a penny will be seen in his lifetime nor ours Bill. The longer he dithers the faster his voters will flee, by just staying home toasting weenies and marshmallows on their pot bellied stoves.

Regardless what Jack 'o' Layton does, it's the end of the road for Paul and the corrupt Liberal Party of Canada.

So to Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, I say hit the ground running and don't look back.


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