How will the Liberal Party Fare in the Long Run?

When I first turned on the news to hear that Martin was exonerated, my heart sank. I began to think that perhaps the Liberal Party would be able to make good use of the results, securing for themselves another term in office.
Now I am not so sure.
I have been watching CTV News all morning. They tend to be fairly liberal in their presentation, though not as bad as the CBC.
Craig Oliver just said that even though Martin was exonerated in the report, it is damning enough that the Liberal's will probably be ousted whenever the election is. Even though Martin himself is innocent, the Liberal Party has pretty much been smashed to bits by the report.
The Gomery also report talks about a "culture of entitlement" and also talks about the intimidation of public servants who try to speak out about problems in government. Ed Broadbent was interviewed. He pointed out the fact that under Martin this culture of entitlement has continued. He used Dingwall as his example.
It is unlikely that there will be an election before the New Year. However, it will be interesting to see whether or not the Liberals will actually be able to form another government. I will reserve judgement on this one, for the time being.

For those that are interested, Gomery's Report is available here, at the website.

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