How Much is A Billion Dollars?

I recieved the following as a PowerPoint slideshow in my email the other day. It is so good that I decided to reproduce it as a blog entry. I have not included all the pictures, only my favorites.

How much is a billion dollars?

A billion here, a billion there. Just how much IS a billion dollars?
It's one thousand million - a number that is beyond comprehension.
If you have yet to celebrate your 32nd birthday, you have yet to live one billion seconds.
One billion minutes takes us back to the time of Christ.
If you were to stack money at the base of the CN Tower, you would hit a billion dollars at the observation deck using one thousand dollar bills! Not one thousand, one dollar bills... one thousand dollar bills.
A billion dollars spent at Canadian Tire would purchase 21 million trigger locks, 21 million long-gun carrying cases and 7 million lockable gun cabinets.
With a billion dollars, a reward of 1.8 million could have been offered toward solving each and every murder committed in Canada in 2002.
A billion dollars would cover the cost of running every single courtroom in Canada for a year and still leave enough money to purchase 20 brand new MRI machines for some lucky hospitals.
If you made a 1 year old child sit on the bathroom floor and drop loonies into the toilet at a rate of one every 2 seconds, 24 hours a day, he would be finished at age 65.
The Liberal government has spent two (not one, but two) billon on the gun registy so far.
They have also misplaced a billion in failing to track land claim settlements through Indian Affairs.
And over a billion in the HRDC scandal (remember that?)
Do not forget!
This was your money!
So, who was Finance Minister through all this?
The man who is now our Prime Minister, Paul Martin.
He claims he knows nothing about any of these scandals.
How can that be? He signed the cheques!
Could you vote for this crook or his cronies who seem to place themselves above the law?


Mark said...

Excellent. Thanks.

Intellectual Pariah said...

My metric for really large amounts of money was always the Sky Dome Table Dancer Year, which is the amount of money it would cost to fill the Sky Dome with table dancers continuously for one year. With 40,000 seats at 5 bucks for a 5 minute table dance, that worked out to about 21 billion a year back in the early 90s, when I last saw the inside of a strip club. "So Mulroney's got the deficit back up to 1.5 SDTD years, eh?"

One billion dollars was about 17 SDTD days back then.

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