Grovelling to Quebec?

I am listening to Prime Minister Martin's press conference regarding Gomery's report at Canada.com. I can't help but think that the Prime Minister is desperately grovelling to Quebec. It is not surprising, since the Bloc is even more ready for an election than the Conservatives. In fact, they want an opposition day this week.
I am curious to see what Layton will do next. Although he has admitted that the party the NDP is supporting is corrupt at its very heart, they still wish to get what they can from the Liberals in their last moments of life. If Ed Broadbent has anything to say about it, I am sure the NDP would withdraw their support today.


Myrddin Wyllt said...

Personaly I find it odd that the PM was exonerated even though Gomery had no information on which to base this assumption as Martin's contracting practices were outside Gomery's mandate.

The fact that Gomery has been a friend of the Martin family for decades and was once Paul's mentor in law school is never brought up, any other country would see this as a conflict of interest.

If Gomery cannot lay concrete blame how is he able to make the assurtion of innocence in Paul's case?

Our media is weak weak weak.

Ruth said...

I also find it a bit odd, but I posted the portion of the report summary that seems to cover it here.
I had not heard that Martin and Gomery were long-time friends. IF that is the case, then you are correct that this would constitute a conflict of interest.

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