Don't Hold Your Breath Yet

Layton has proposed a February election. The motion will likely be tabled on November 24th.
An important point was made in the Canada.com article.
But it's unclear if the motion would be considered a traditional confidence matter, which could topple the government immediately. It's also unclear if the Liberals would be bound by anything but a true confidence motion.
I take it no one remembers what happened in May? The Liberals ignored the motion that was tabled then. There is no reason to assume this one would be any different.


Question Period said...

Actually there's a huge difference. That was a procedural motion to ammend a report (which was then, in fact, ammended). The government did what the motion called for. If they do that again, it's over.

Canadi-anna said...

QP is splitting hairs again.
The Liberals ignored a confidence vote, and then scheduled one at their own convenience. Procedural or not, when the House says they've lost confidence, responsible governance requires that the party in power step down. Allowing themselves more than a week to shore up their numbers is one of the most vile political manoeuvres in Canadian history.
That said -- Jack has just proved himself to be a drama queen. Nothing much has been going on and his face hasn't been in the news. Now it is and will be until at least the 24th.

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