The Conservative Plan

Read all about it.

The Conservatives have come up with a tought plan to end monetary influence in politics. This is a fantastic idea. It gives people looking for an alternative to the Liberals something concrete that they can hold onto and say "This is what the Conservatives will do for us!"


Anonymous said...

So how about starting by releasing his long secret list of financial contributors for his leadership bid?

At least Paul Martin did that years ago.

Anonymous said...

You might want to check the Conservative Party website once and a while.

The list of Harper's (and the other candidates too) contributors has been posted there for months.


Anonymous said...

Why won't Harper tell us who donated to his leadership campaign? Who paid off McKay's $500,000 debt?

Harper needs to come clean if he is to be believed.

Anonymous said...

Uh, seem above, dumbass.

Ruth said...

What a mindless argument that was.
Sorry I missed it.

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