Cable Gal

I am not a big TV watcher. However, today we got cable. It was a really good deal so we decided to spring for it. I suddenly realized my association with the Blogging Tories has ruined me.
The channel that excited me most was CPAC.


Shabbadoo said...

Don't feel so bad. Back when I had cable, CPAC and FoodNetwork competed for my TV viewing time. And that was well before I discovered all the excellent blogs that exist.

BBS said...


That's hilarious. BT - Corrupting Canada's Conservatives. Next thing you know, you'll be reading Hansard. :)

jettskid said...

I wouldn't feel bad either Cable Gal. Enjoy the Hockey and other shows like sex and the city. But make time for BT even if it's late.
I like CPAC too. Very informative and unlike the CBC, it's unbiased.

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