Boy Are They Begging to be Made Fun Of

So, I saw a link to this at SDA.
It's the Liberal Party of Canada Blog.
Not only is it retarded and doomed to spectacular failure, crap like this shows you just how out of touch the Liberals are with the common man.
Wow, look at me! I'm in "cyberspace,"
Now, what's truly hilarious about this beginning is that my husband and I say this whenever we come across a really bad website. You know the kind. They have lots of spinning things, or flaming torches, or bad midi music playing in the background.
The guy even defines a Blackberry. Just in case you've been living under a rock and didn't know, a Blackberry:
[is] a wireless handheld device (true)
enables political staffers to stay in touch, (because normal people don't use them... by the way, did my taxes pay for those?)
instantly communicate with the media (so that you can get that spin out before your opponents do)
and develop freakish, superstrong thumbs with which they can (do unmentionable things).
My favorite though, is the copyright at the bottom. This website is the property of the Liberal Party of Canada and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without express written permission.
I take it I am violating said copyright, then?


VW said...


the guy writing the blog is Scott Feschuk, who used to be a humor writer before becoming Paul Martin's chief speechwriter. Having worked for PM for so long, his humor muscles are obviously flabby. He'll get better, given time.

Ruth said...

Yeah, I know. It says who the author is on the first page.
But yes, his humour muscles are indeed flabby. Man-boobishly flabby, in fact.

Les Mackenzie said...

LOL! I also wrote about the amatuer thought control the Liberals are passing off as a blog. I'm offended by it :D

Pinky Mouse said...

I've been following this since you sent me the link. Personally, I find it to be wonderfully light-hearted and thoroughly Canadian. I'm baffled as to how ANYONE could be offended by this? He mocks his own party as well as the rest of them.

Sure, it's spun with a Liberal sugar, but it's still very humourous. I'm amused by it.

Pinky Mouse said...
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