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Everyone one should read this post at Small Dead Animals. It's very good and relates to a subject I am keenly interested in.


See What I Mean?

This article comes courtesy of my husband.
Barely a moment passes when we are not cautioned that the one thing Canadians do not want right now is an election.
As I just finished complaining.
However, and I wish I had thought of asking this one myself how useful is it to ask somebody how they would vote if an election were held today when a) it isn't being held today, and b) even if it were, you don't ask whether they'd vote in it or not?
The article mentions that 40% of the electorate doesn't bother to vote. It's important to keep in mind that when the author says electorate, she means those on the voters list, not those who may actually be eligible to vote (in which case, the figure is much closer to 50%).
This best point is, of course, this one:
Another thing pollsters are loath to discuss is the growing problem of people refusing to talk to them. That also undermines the random purity of polls. Also, if it takes you 10 calls to find a person to answer your questions, who really represents the public mood: The nine people who hung up or didn't respond, or the one person with nothing better to do with his or her time?
So true. I would love to see a poll that includes the number of people who refused to answer.

The Winter Election

According to Canada.com and PoliticsWatch, PM the PM is stoutly reaffirming his promise to call an election in the face of a few irritable Liberal MP's who don't feel like campaigning in the snow.
Poor babies.
Interesting how no one actually mentions who these MP's are.
And here we have it, yet again, the claim that there will be "door-knocking in the frigid winter months when almost nobody wants an election." I seem to recall hearing a very similar argument a few months back. Then of course, it was more along the lines of "nobody wants an election during the summer when they want to go to the cottage."
So, general public, please tell me:
Exactly WHEN would you like an election?
Winter's too cold.
Summer is to busy or too hot.
Let me guess, spring and fall are too rainy?
How can people not want to exercise their democratic right to vote? What's worse, how can people use a dumb excuse like the weather to avoid exercising their rights. Hello! This is Canada! Our winter sucks! It will suck regardless of whether or not we have an election. You will still have to shovel your driveway and bundle up to the nines.
If you don't like it, move to Florida.
But for goodness sake, don't use it as an excuse not to vote.


Israel: Pulling out of Gaza

Although I don't often write about it, I am keenly interested in Middle Eastern politics and history. With Israel expelling it's citizens from Gaza in an effort to appease Palestinians and the global community, it's time I wrote my two cents worth on the subject.
Canada.com is running this story, but interested readers should also check out Arutz Sheva.
Where do I begin?
"In a published interview Friday, Sharon said he has no plans to uproot any more Jewish settlements in the near future... "The burden of proof now rests on the Palestinian side," Sharon told the Yediot Ahronot daily."
The burden of proof has rested with the Arab side since Israel was created in 1948. Why is it that everyone forgets that the original solution for the region was to have two states: one for those who are now called Palestinians and one for the Jews? That idea was flatly rejected by the Arabs and there has never been even the slightest inclination towards a peaceful coexistence. There would be no Jewish state allowed. Period. Coexistence was out of the question and always will be; this is why you so frequently hear the word "occupation" misused in relation to Israel. How convenient that a state is now what Palestinians want. I really ought to pull out a map and show you what Israel was supposed to get in terms of territory as opposed to what they ended up with.
It's unfortunate that a man as experienced as Sharon would succumb to what amounts to international peer pressure and agree to implement this naive and foolish plan. Expelling individuals from their homes in Gaza is not going to magically bring peace to Israel. It's not going to make the Arabs like them.
In fact, I predict the opposite will happen.
I predict more violence, not less.

The Governor General

This figures.
The Governor General to be supports Quebec sovereingty.
How ironic for the Queen's representative in Canada.



Does it surprise anyone that Finance Minister Goodale is refusing to cut gas taxes?
With prices in my area fluctuating from anywhere between $0.95 and $1.03, his claim that there are no easy answers to the problem of soaring prices at the pumps, sounds like typical Federal Liberal wind blowing.
The government does nothing to assist in producing the gas we use. There is, as far as I am concerned, no legitimate reason whatsoever for them to tax us for it... not once but twice! Oil companies are not entirely innocent in this of course, but with increasing production costs it is not surprising that the price we pay should increase in order for them to cover their costs. That is, after all, what businesses do: make a profit.
However, that is NOT what a government is supposed to do. They are supposed to facilitate the needs of the population. Adding extra taxes to a commodity we need in order to get by in our daily lives does not exactly qualify as facilitation.


Our Ethics Commissioner

I know.
It's been ages since I've written anything.
Maybe this will make up for it.

According to this article at Politics Watch, Democracy Watch has filed a complaint against Ethics Commissioner Shapiro and will be taking him to court.
In its complaint to Shapiro, Democracy Watch cites 14 reasons why he should resign... Even though the federal court found Wilson's office to be biased, Shapiro kept most senior staffers when he took over... Shapiro hired a law firm with extensive ties to the Liberal party to aid in his investigation of former Immigration minister Judy Sgro... Shapiro decided not to audit any financial disclosure statement filed by anyone covered by federal ethics rules, and stated that it would create a "police state" if he did so.
More on the complaint can be found here.
This will be a story worth keeping track of.


Governor General Appointed

The Prime Minister has appointed the new Governor General. I am sure no one is suprised that Martin did not appoint an English speaking, Canadian born white guy from Alberta.
There are so many things in this article that need to be pointed out.
[Martin] denied Jean's appointment was a sop to populous Quebec
Of course he did.
Jean quickly acknowledged that she's no constitutional expert
Great! So he appointed someone incompetent.
Journalists also tend to be non-partisan...
Spoken like a true journalist.
Clarkson also wasn't a constitutional expert...
No kidding.
like Clarkson, she brings a certain TV star power to the job
In other words, she'll spend a lot of tax payer money and do a lot of nothing.

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