Yet more scandal

Amazing, isn't it, how some people feel they don't necessarily owe others the truth?
Let's take this latest gem of a confession from Corriveau.
"(The reporter) had no authority to insist I tell him the truth,"
So, who does have authority to insist you tell the truth, Jack?
Your mom?
If it weren't so serious, it would be like something out of a cartoon. The guy stands there and says to the court that his peers, which is essentially what the press is, are not owed the truth because they have no authority over him. In other words, it's ok to lie to your peers and peons.

You want to know what else disturbs me? This idea that somehow the sponsorship programme was necessary for national unity. Somehow, all of this is the fault of the Quebec separatists. If I were from Quebec, separatist or not, I would be grievously offended by such a suggestion. No one forced the Liberals to steal from the public coffers and waste the money on flags and parties for their friends. Yet people are buying this, hook, line and sinker. There has been barely an eyelash batted, except by those from Quebec, and most people are ignoring their very legitimate complaint (well, of course they would deny it, blah blah blah).
We also have this notion that if the inquiry could only finish, if we would all wait for November or December until the report is published, that would give the average Canadians (who, in the minds of the politicians, can't think for themselves) time to digest the material and make an informed decision. I think that's garbage. I think there have already been so many spins put on this scandal that, were we to wait until November, not only would we find ourselves governed yet again by Liberals, we could find ourselves in the dangerous position of being governed by a majority of Liberals.
And wouldn't that suck?
I would like to see an election soon.
I would like to see these criminals out.
I would like to see some faint glimmer of hope that my country is not full of apathetic beer drinkers and Tim Horton's addicts who don't actually care at all about who runs the country. Instead of resigned cynicism, instead of blind apathy, mimicked rhetoric and ignorance, I would like to see some action.

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Christine said...

Action? Sounds more like you're dealing with adults who prefer a certain kindergarten mindset that says "if I close my eyes, the problem disappears." That may be acceptable in kindergarten, but in real life, it causes problems for everyone (but if you close your eyes, you won't see those problems either). Unfortunately, that kind of mindset isn't just limited to government - there are plenty of people who close their eyes to problems so they don't have to face them. And if they can't see the problem, why act on anything? Sounds like what actually needs to happen would fall under the heading of a "miracle".

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