According to this, the NDP will continue to support the Liberal government if they choose to pump some money into Ontario.
For a guy who is supposedly "furious" at Liberal government doling out brown envelopes full of cash, Layton sure has a bizarre way of showing it. He acknowledges that the public is "a little bit sick and tired of the attention that's always paid to the Liberals defending themselves from their own corruption," but he doesn't take it to its logical conclusion: ousting those in power.
Stupid stunts like this are why the NDP never wins at the Federal level. Who could honestly read such a thing and believe that Layton is being anything other than totally naive? The Liberals have been making promises, especially surrounding the sensitive issue of healthcare, as long as they have been in power. When was the last time they delivered? And Layton believes what? That if Martin says he agrees to his "terms," he will do as he says?
It's beyond stupidity.

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