Publication ban? Another Election?

If you are Canadian, you know about the Gomery inquiry into the sponsorship scandal (unless you have been living under a rock.) Last week the judge put a publication ban on information released during the trial of two key players in the scandal. Now it appears that the information released could make a critical impact on the Canadian population. It has the potential to cripple the Liberal government. I won't bother repeating all the ad hominem against the current government. I'm sure we've all heard it before (although, I did read a read letter to the editor making mention of an incident in the former USSR where all the culprits were lined up and shot...) and I'm sure I have nothing new to say.
According to what I have just heard on the news, the publication ban could be lifted as early as today. I am keeping my ears peeled for news. If anyone has anything they'd like to send me on the subject (I've probably already seen it but) please send it along.
The Conservatives are asking for input from their constituents regarding calling a possible election. They don't want to leap on the Bloc bandwagon too quickly (although I wouldn't blame them) and call for a non-confidence motion too quickly. As for my input, well, I'm dying to see the Liberals ousted. My taxes aren't producing enough fruit, thank you very much, but I agree with the Conservative parties move. Better to wait and see what their people will want than to jump too quickly.
So everyone, if you want the Liberals out, wait for the ban to lift (it's coming, so they say) and CALL YOUR MP!!!!!

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