Habemus papam...

Actually, I should say "They have a Pope."
I'm not Catholic.
Nevertheless, even as a Protestant Christian I cannot deny the significance of the role the pope plays in shaping the Christian community. I am glad they picked the pope they did.
Joseph Ratzinger has been described as anti-gay, anti-gay marriage (even homophobic), anti-women priests, a hard-liner, a fundamentalist and a conservative (as though all of these are grievous sins). He is 78 and due to his "great age," he is viewed as something of a transitional pope because he is not expected to hold the post past a couple of years. Must be nice to know that people are expecting you to die.
Still, I think it would be much worse for the Christian community, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant alike, if a young, "liberal," "progressive," pope had been chosen. There are many, many issues that the Catholic church needs to deal with not the least of which are errant priests molesting young boys and gay marriage. An older, experienced individual well-versed not only in church doctrine and Scriptural Truth but also in the matter of church discipline is absolutely required.
I hope he will be successful.
I wouldn't want his job.

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