Good things come in simple packages

I was going to make a post last week when my favorite was fired on The Apprentice. I confess to being an avid watcher. Some people feel that reality TV is the "lowest form of entertainment," but The Apprentice really is interesting. They do so many cool projects. Last week, as I am sure you know, they had to do a DIY clinic for The Home Depot. The winning team made a box.
Now, right from the get go, I thought the box idea was brilliant, despite the misgivings of the rest of the team. If I had been the leader, I probably would have suggested a bird house instead, but a box works just as well. The idea of creating and marketing a special family moment is perfect. If you go to any kids club (boy scouts, brownies, cadets) you will see this sort of thing being done all the time (except not for profit). The minute you want to involve children, especially young ones, you have to make it simple. That's why the box was so successful. Imagine if they had tried to build a doll house; yes it would also have involved children, but consider the difference in complexity. Most of their audience would have been lost.
So why am I posting this now, almost a week after the fact?

Yesterday, while my laundry was in the wash, I walked up to Home Depot. On the door there was a sign for their next DIY clinic, which happens to be this weekend.
They're doing the box.

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