Pursuing the so-called transcendent

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I know. I know. I still need to review that article from earlier this month.
However, in my defense I could not resist this article.

The author is obviously "management material." Not for one second do I believe he's ever had a menial job, such as working cash at a fast food joint, or even a less menial job such as any of those listed in the article.
I have seen thinking like his in action. Statements such as "Any job that can be reduced to a set of rules is at risk," are so far off the mark as to be completely ridiculous. It makes one gross assumption (and so many in the management sector make this mistake): it assumes that ANY job can be reduced to a set of rules. The great irony is that while arguing for the importance of creativity, empathy and beauty, Pink has totally neglected the human factor in every job or career on the planet. Not only that, but it is sheer lunacy to assume that the left-brainers have led the western world to prosperity when the entertainment industry, which is decidedly right-brained, is at least as lucrative if not more.
Pink's take on outsourcing is also somewhat naive. He doesn't mention outsourcing of support and customer service jobs and these cannot be pinpointed as either left- or right-brained jobs. Having worked in customer service, I can assure you that technical support involved both creativity and technical competence. In any case, Pink doesn't consider whether or not this type of outsourcing will be successful in the long run.
While it is certainly true that there has been a revived interest in all things metaphysical if you will, this is neither new nor the signal of the end of the Information Age. Consider the philosophical age of Enlightenment, the Renaissance or the 60's. Approaches to work change with our culture and there are a myriad of arguments regarding what causes cultural change, so I am certainly not going to get into it here.
Alarmist articles, such as this one by Pink, should be ignored. They aren't helpful. They aren't informative. They're just more writing about nothing by a guy who lacks practical experience.

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