November 17th, 1978

It is a day that will forever live in infamy. The Star Wars Holiday Special was aired for the first and only time. I watched it last night for the first (and probably only) time.
I am sure many a Star Wars fan is more than familiar with the elusive Holiday Special. According to urban legend, George Lucas got rid of it and vowed it would never be aired again. This, of course, makes it highly desirable for nerds, geeks and fans. The memory of this disaster must be preserved.
Highlights of the show, for those who have not seen it:
  • The first five minutes contains nothing but untranslated Wookie grunts.

  • Being a musical, there are a number of interesting and highly unusual songs inserted throughout. My favorite is probably the Grand Finale, the Ode to Life Day, sung of course to the Star Wars theme.

  • For his life day gift from the trader, Itchy, that is Grampy Wookie, gets an interesting holographic woman. It apparently is supposed to reflect what Grampy finds most sexy. Anyone curious as to why they used a human woman for this holograph? I know I am.

  • The "Cooking Show." Whip stir, whip stir, whip whip stir.

  • Cut scenes from Star Wars. Brilliant idea. I could not tell at all!

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