Money, money, money makes you poor or makes you rich....

Driving to work this morning, I was listening to Jazz FM , as is my habit. As usual, about 7:45am or so, they discussed the morning headlines. One of them caught my attention.

Apparently, Howard Stern has just been signed for a 9 figured contract with a satellite radio station. I believe it was called Sirius Radio, or something to that effect. The idea is to put Howard on satellite radio and use him as an attraction. As the fellow presenting the story said, the goal is to convince people to buy what they can already get for free: radio. Of course, now they will be getting it via satellite.

I have no idea if this will work or not.
It might, it might not.
But I would be willing to bet that in 15 years or so we will all be paying for our radio.
People will be convinced that satellite will give them bigger, better and more radio, and everyone will think "Ooh! I want one!" They'll go off and buy their satellite, much in the way they do for television, yet more mega-corporations will form by combining services such as TV, radio, internet and telephone.
And everyone will complain.

How do I know this?
Because I know everything.
And because people are stupid, that's why they do everything.
Worse than that people are greedy. Someone out there is going to have this idea, rub his or her hands together like Burns and think "I am gonna be so rich." Not one person will stop to ask the question "Do we really need this?" or "Is it really going to benefit us?" And the first person who does, will find themselves fired from their job. Millions of angst-ridden teenagers, especially in the west, will rage against the so-called evil corporation and "them" but will then turn right around and plug in whatever mega-device is used to get all their information never even once thinking that thing they just spent $250 on is the very thing they should be angry at.

Maybe it's a great idea.
Maybe it will benefit all of mankind.
I don't know.
But the fact that there is even so much as the hint of "people can be convinced to pay for what they already get for free" makes me frustrated.
Why money?
There's a reason radio is free.
It's for the spread of information.

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