Customer Service

Over the weekend I happened to watch a show.
I don't remember the name of it and I don't remember the channel, only that it was either PBS or TVO.

The show was a documentary about customer service and management at Heathrow Airport.
All I remember is thinking "That's the sort of job I would love to have."
The documentary the manager of Heathrow Airport around over the course of several days. At the time of shooting, Heathrow was undergoing some renovations. It was this fellows job to ensure that things flowed smoothly and that everyone, customers in particular, was satisfied. It was very useful job and one that I don't think enough people value as much as they should. The fellow would speak with various departments getting input and feedback on various issues. He even happened to help a lost customer on the way (the customer had no idea he was the manager. She seemed to think he was a bellboy.)

His goal in life was to improve life for everyone else.
This is a goal I value, and one that I think more people should share.

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