Black Plague

Black Plague

There has to be an easier way to create a Google bomb.
This is someone else's idea, but I have to admit, I rather like it.


Anonymous said...

Hannah posted this in her journal a white ago. This was my comment at the time:

"Hmm...not sure how successful that's going to be. Google's PageRank algorithm took a serious hit of credibility a while ago when "blog noise" started to have a major impact on search results. I'm guessing that major blog sites have now been tweaked by Google to be discounted or have a much smaller weight in the search results.

The Googlebots might not even be spidering people's blogs any more. For example, I selected random phrases from my older public entries, and when Googling for them, came up with nothing. So obviously my blog hasn't been indexed by the bots.

Sorry to be a killjoy. ;)"

- Herman

Ruth said...

Actually, Hannah's blog was where I saw this originally. As I already said, there has to be an easier way.

Not sure if that's true about indexing blogs. I think they are. I will see if I can find something on this.

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