"Do you like dry wit?" I asked a co-worker. He prefers a dry martini.

Visit this site...

There's something truly brilliant about this sort of wit.
Scam the scam artists.
Take him or her for a few.
Make them pose in women's underwear if possible.

There's something highly educational about this sort of a site, too. The FAQ is particularly useful and necessary. I can't count the number of scams I receive of this type. A number of employees here have called the Helpline about them, especially when there are viruses attached. I plan to keep some of their answers, in particular:
Q But isn't it possible that someone in a refugee camp in Togo (which is somehow equipped with internet service) managed to carry $20 million in two 'trunk boxes' through stormy seas and has somehow chosen me, out of the more than 100 million people with e-mail, to receive great wealth, through a divinely inspired plan?
A No.
Q Would you like to receive large attached files of suspect format containing big honking viruses?
A No. Plain text in the body of the e-mail will do nicely.

It's so hard to pick a favorite. They're all so good. Do I get the biggest kick from the woman who managed to get the guy into a bra (good girl) or the guy who managed to scam $100 US from the scammer? What about Sir Marmite Luny-Binns, Sir Charles Farnes-Barnes, Lord Bovril, Mr Glassov Vimto, Lord Stringfellow and His Excellency The Thane of Cawdor verses poor ol' George Okron? The overall quality of this attempt is quite good.
I wonder if internet scammers know we're making fun of them?

But really, the more I think about it, the more I think I have to award the girl who got the guy to pose in women's underwear the prize.
Taking a scammer for money is good.
Demeaning him like the dog he is, is much better.

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