Losing myself...

Why, oh why do some websites require an inordinate amount of personal information?
Inevitably, I make it up.
And then, what do I do?
I forget my password, AND all of my artificial information.
Of course I didn't give you my real birthdate.
No, I have no idea what I did tell you.
Give me my password!!


Anonymous said...


Omg Rooty, I do that all the time. I finally resorted to a notebook here by my computer with all the bogus stuff in it...

**dies laughing**


Ruth said...

"They" say you aren't supposed to keep this sort of thing written down.
But I ask you, who doesn't? ;-)
I keep post it notes... but then i have to go through and try figure out which one is for which

Anonymous said...

as it is all bogus, and can't REALLY be traced back to you, who cares? ;)

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