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Ah, the Google Bomb.
A few good ones include the "miserable failure," mentioned in the article, "weapons of mass destruction" and "French victories." Apparently, an old bomb would provide the Microsoft website when "more evil than satan himself" was entered. I am searching for it now, but it doesn't seem to work anymore.
Too bad.
Unfortunately, people get quite upset over this sort of thing.
"What about companies using Google bombs to make money?" Valid question. Yes, it's a problem if a company manipulates Google's "Feeling Lucky" feature to always produce themselves as the result in order to improve sales. It is an entirely different problem than "French victories," however and the two should not be treated with the same concern. I would by no mean hamper someone's good time, especially if it's not illegal.
Would I stop a company from Google bombing in order to increase sales? Probably not. It's not illegal, and I am always very wary of trying to introduce unenforceable laws or rules or codes of conduct into the Internet. If it were to become that serious of a problem, Google would have to fix it. The company is not stupid, and they have been doing quite well so far, hence the introduction of Gmail and the upcoming release of stocks to the public.

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